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"Ben Whishaw was two years above me at Rada. When I arrived there, he was preparing to leave, already fully trained and polished and ready to go. I looked up to him and thought my god, look at that, I hope I’m there in two year’s time. So to be standing alongside him, after he has played Richard II in the first of the films, and that they wanted me to be Henry V for this generation is a giant honour."

- Tom Hiddleston - x (via benwhish)

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#cookies #chocolate #baking #party #food #freshers #home

#cookies #chocolate #baking #party #food #freshers #home

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"…a triple decker, violently purple bus"

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Your character falls into the “friend zone” - Is this primarily a man’s problem, or are women put in the friend zone as well? x

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 Dascha Polanco - 2014 Icons Of Style Gala Hosted By Vanidades. 18/09/14


 Dascha Polanco - 2014 Icons Of Style Gala Hosted By Vanidades. 18/09/14

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ABCs of Starkid: Chicago

"The voice on the other end delivered a message, an invitation, really, that altered everything: move to Chicago. Together. We’re going to do this together. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Move to Chicago - let’s start a revolution.” -Julia Albain in AGUL

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darrencriss Haters Gonna Hate!! W/ Brian Rosenthal & @jonyricker #iHeartRadio Festival

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Today I realized that when Harry went to go visit his parents’ grave for the first time, James and Lily had already spent more time sharing a grave than they had alive together, and that is how I almost got into a car accident.

James and Lily Potter died in a car crash.

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Help by Hurts, from their sophomore album called Exile.

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don’t mind me, just internally screaming over the fact we could be getting a queer bbc spy drama with ben whishaw as the lead 

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